About Six Noises

Six Noises features the scribblings of C.Hayes esq.

I’m a freelance writer and radio producer/broadcaster living in New Zealand.

I’m a former columnist for leading US website PopMatters, and my writing has appeared in numerous magazines and online at sites such as Under the Radar, Last Rites, Steel for Brains, Hellbound, Metal Bandcamp, No Clean Singing, About Heavy Metal, and others.

I have produced and hosted many interviews and features for Music 101, the long-running music show produced by New Zealand’s public broadcaster, Radio New Zealand. And I produced, scripted, and hosted the two-part series South of Heaven; the first documented history of New Zealand’s extreme metal scene.

I also currently host a slot on Radio Active’s Anger Management show, playing tunes from across the dark and loud spectrum.

I’m partial to myriad forms of noisy and gloomy rock, metal, punk and noise. And I’m also extremely fond of Krautrock, any film featuring a shark, and a nice cup of tea.