Arc of Ascent: Realms of the Metaphysical


Arc of Ascent operate on a whole other plane of existence. It’s damn good to have the riff wizards back.

Stone Angels & Black Temple


A double dose of doom metal from (anti-)Christchurch: Stone Angels and Black Temple.

Over-Population, Tyrannosaurus Wreck & Blazing Shade


One month into 2017, and I already have 11 New Zealand music releases to write about. No rest for the wicked, eh. Here’s the first three.

Six Noises EOY ’16: New Zealand Metal


Six Noises EOY ’16: New Zealand Metal

Six Noises EOY ’16: Metal


Six Noises EOY ’16: Metal

Earth Tongue: Portable Shrine EP


There’s no question that Earth Tongue’s first EP makes for a captivating listen from a band carving out a distinctive sound.

Ritual Abuse & Trepanation


A couple of recent cult NZ metal releases you might have missed.

First Pass: #1


First Pass #1: short and unedited reviews of music that’s caught my ear. If typos upset you, it’s best you look away now.

Bloodnut: Blues from the Red Sons


There’s a lot to enjoy in the red-hot heavyweight rock heard on Bloodnut’s debut. It’s an all-amps-ablazing good time –– from go to whoa.

War//Plague & Bädr Vogu


Here are my two favourite punk albums thus far in 2016.