Arc of Ascent: Realms of the Metaphysical


Arc of Ascent operate on a whole other plane of existence. It’s damn good to have the riff wizards back.

Hiboux: Command the Earth to Swallow Me Up


New Zealand instrumental band Hiboux make melodic and poetic post-rock that combines transportive escapism with deep-set catharsis.

Into Orbit: Unearthing


Plenty of instrumental bands can construct complex musical suites. But it takes a greater level of songwriting acumen to make that music dramatic and soul-stirring like Into Orbit do.

Over-Population, Tyrannosaurus Wreck & Blazing Shade


One month into 2017, and I already have 11 New Zealand music releases to write about. No rest for the wicked, eh. Here’s the first three.

Earth Tongue: Portable Shrine EP


There’s no question that Earth Tongue’s first EP makes for a captivating listen from a band carving out a distinctive sound.

New Model Army: Winter

New Model Army - Winter

The world might be going to hell, but New Model Army are still manning the barricades and howling defiantly.