New Zealand Metal Favourites 2014


Here are my favourite New Zealand metal albums from 2014. Impressive and imposing. One and all.

Tis The Season: Part One


Tis the season, my friends. It’s that wonderful time of year when everyone begins listing their favourite metal albums of 2014.

Bulletbelt Interview + Murderer’s Collar Stream


Six Noises is also extremely honoured to debut “Murderer’s Collar”, the first track from Bulletbelt’s upcoming new album, Rise of the Banshee. And check out an interview with the band’s drummer, Steve Francis.

Into Orbit: Caverns

Into Orbit

Caverns, the debut album from Into Orbit—an instrumental duo from Wellington, New Zealand—is a perfect example of music that matters.

Trepanation: Hideous Black Abyss


Trepanation – Hideous Black Abyss. Bandcamp. Get it now.

Dying of the light: Interview


Earlier this year, industrial doom duo Dying of the Light released their latest EP, Monolithuim. Six Noises chats with band co-founder, Chris Rigby.

Sinistrous Diabolus: Total Doom//Desecration.


Twenty years. That’s how long we’ve waited for Sinistrous Diabolus’s debut full-length, Total Doom//Desecration.

Shallow Grave — S/T

Shallow live

New Zealand has a twisted heart that’s reflected in the country’s most ill-omened metal. The self-titled debut from Shallow Grave captures that anger and unease flawlessly

Exordium Mors—Sacrifice, Perish and Demise EP


If Exordium Mors’ aim is to snag some label attention, they’ve certainly laid out a fine trap with Sacrifice, Perish and Demise

Old Loaves—Bad Rides 7″/Drowser LP.

Old Loaves

June 2012 has to go down as a damn near perfect month for Old Loaves. Read on to find out why…