Cheers, Plans, and a Hearty Fuck You to 2015.


The world is seemingly going to hell in a handbasket. So I thought I’d better get in nice and early to make sure I passed on my wholehearted thanks for visiting Six Noises this year.

Bridge Burner: Mantras of Self Loathing


Mantras of Self Loathing might only provide around 12 minutes of grinding guitars, frenzied percussion, and vicious vocals. But that’s more than enough hostile noise to mark the EP as a formidable opening salvo from Bridge Burner.

The Dobermen, and Raw Panic.

The Dobermen

The Dobermen and Raw Panic make amp-melting, outlaw and middle-finger-raised-sky-high punk rock. Dig in. Now.

Sunken Seas: Glass


For all the darkness engulfing Sunken Seas second album, Glass, it never overshadows or obscures the talent or beauty therein.

Stone Angels: Live E​.​P 2015


Whether you’re going to enjoy Stone Angels’ Live E.P 2015 ultimately hinges on whether caustic live recordings appeal.

Creeping: Revenant


Creeping are set to return in late August, with bitter graveyard riffs primed and throat-slit growls at the ready on their brand new album, Revenant.

Video debut: Plastic Fascinations, from Hollywoodfun Downstairs


Six Noises is proud to debut Plastic Fascinations, the first video from Wellington trio Hollywoodfun Downstairs new album, Reactions.

New Zealand Music Month: Cheers, and the final dozen


New Zealand Music Month: Cheers, And The Final Dozen

New Zealand Music Month: Seven Rockers


New Zealand Music Month: Seven Rockers

New Zealand Music Month: Sticky Filth


New Zealand Music Month: Sticky Filth