Sick Old Man: Tribunus Plebis

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Sick Old Man make a corrosive, whirlwind racket –– and Tribunus Plebis flies by at warp-speed.

Life is Hate: S/T EP


If the blown-out, vitriolic works of bands like Infernöh, Krömosom or Kriegshög appeal, then Life is Hate’s whirlwind tracks will likely tick the boxes for you too.

Six Noises EOY ’16: New Zealand Offbeat, Alternative, and Experimental

Here are my favourite homegrown alternative and experimental releases from 2016.

Six Noises EOY ’16: New Zealand Punk

Six Noises EOY ’16: New Zealand Punk

Six Noises EOY ’16: New Zealand Metal


Six Noises EOY ’16: New Zealand Metal

Six Noises EOY ’16: Introduction

Six Noises End Of Year Introduction 2016.

Setentia: Darkness Transcend


Setentia’s accomplished debut intertwines gut-felt ferocity with forward-thinking expressiveness.

Ulcerate: Shrines of Paralysis


Aesthetically, Ulcerate are unrivalled. They are what others cannot be.

Winter Deluge: Devolution – Decay


Winter Deluge hammer home hate and hostility on Devolution – Decay.



Vexamen is a bold debut, a huge step up from Verberis’ demo, and that bodes well for the band’s future endeavours.