Ayn Randy: S/T


Ayn Randy’s sound is spiked with shout-a-long hooks, and their tracks tear along with plenty of pogoing propulsion, but the band aren’t afraid to get heavier or darker where need be.

Stress Ghetto, Razored Raw, And The Harshest Tunes Around…


Stress Ghetto’s debut is definitely on the raw side, and it’s definitely a lot of fun, and it got me thinking about my own obsession with harsh music. Prepare yourself for an old man ranting at the clouds once again.



Auckland, New Zealand three-piece NIISA describe their music as, “damp dank dark doom drone”, and that’s a pretty accurate summation of the trio’s often spellbinding sound.

Bloodnut: St Ranga


The tongue in cheek title of Bloodnut’s sophomore album tells you a lot about the band’s irreverent nature. However, the New Zealand metal band’s conceptual focus places Bloodnut in a trickier position with album #2.

Vesicant: Shadows of Cleansing Iron


Vesicant: Shadows of Cleansing Iron.

Heresiarch: Death Ordinance


Heresiarch deliver a singularly brute force audio onslaught — aka everything you want in an obliterating war metal juggernaut.

Seht: I Follow the Moon


I Follow the Moon sees delicate shifts in sound mix with background murmurs and barely-there whispers to fashion blissed-out soundscapes.

Enter the Soil: That Amber Lit Morning


Enter the Soil is clearly happy to provide an ocean of solemn music for us to luxuriate in anytime.

Blame Thrower: 63.5


Punchy, grunty, propulsive and greasy: 63.5 is rip-snortin’ fun.

Ancient Tapes: Demo


Ancient Tapes’ demo is hugely promising. It certainly references the past, but the music therein retains a timeless quality that speaks directly to the heart.