Antony Milton: Mrtyu!, Streaming Black, And Off-White

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Milton’s music is often no-fi, off-the-grid, and red-raw. And it’s also heart-rending yet wholly euphoric.

Slomo: Transits


Drone fans… set the controls for the heart the sun.

The All Seeing Hand: Sand to Glass


Most of the music we listen to is comprised of variations on familiar themes. It’s much rarer to encounter genuinely innovative music like The All Seeing Hand create.

Hollywoodfun Downstairs: Tetris


No other band in New Zealand is making music like HFD, and their storming new album, Tetris, shifts the goalposts even further in that regard.

Six Noises EOY ’16: New Zealand Offbeat, Alternative, and Experimental

Here are my favourite homegrown alternative and experimental releases from 2016.

Six Noises EOY ’16: Outliers, Experimentalists, and Psychedelic Voyagers


Six Noises EOY ’16: Outliers, Experimentalists, and Psychedelic Voyagers

Bastard Noise & Sickness: Death’s Door

Death’s Door is an arduous and harrowing reboot. And that’s exactly what’s needed, in this day and age.

Seputus: Man Does Not Give


Seputus don’t just capture the rage around us on Man Does Not Give, they also help release the rage within us.

Ritual Abuse & Trepanation


A couple of recent cult NZ metal releases you might have missed.

Broken Limbs Recordings


The staunchly independent Broken Limbs Recordings is underpinned by a steadfast DIY ethic and a passion for releasing works from artists the label believes in.