Favourite Metal Albums Of 2014


Favourite Metal Albums Of 2014

Spook the Horses: Rainmaker


It’s not often a band like Wellington-based post-hardcore outfit Spook the Horses comes along. A band willing to take risks in pursuit of a greater artistic goal, as they’ve done on their sophomore album, Rainmaker.

Tis The Season: Part Five

Blind Witch

Tis the Season part five, with picks from Mosquito Control’s Fei Yun, and Anger Management Show host Witchfinder General.

Tis The Season: Part Two

BURIAL HEX_12 Jacket (Gatefold - One Pocket) [GDOB2-30CH-001]_02

In part two of this Tis the Season round-up, we’re continuing on with the lists of albums that contributors submitted to Six Noises as their top picks for 2014.

New Zealand Metal Favourites 2014


Here are my favourite New Zealand metal albums from 2014. Impressive and imposing. One and all.

Into Orbit: Caverns

Into Orbit

Caverns, the debut album from Into Orbit—an instrumental duo from Wellington, New Zealand—is a perfect example of music that matters.


titan live hires

In a world of far too easily manufactured fury, integrity speaks volumes and there’s no doubt whatsoever of the sincerity of Titan’s work.

Old Loaves—Bad Rides 7″/Drowser LP.

Old Loaves

June 2012 has to go down as a damn near perfect month for Old Loaves. Read on to find out why…

Beastwars/ Spook The Horses/ Robin—Live! SFBH, Wellington, NZ, 23 March 2012.


Friday night’s album fundraiser for Wellington’s Beastwars was a hugely emotive evening, with three excellent acts serving up hefty rock and metal to a legion of devoted followers.

Spook the Horses—Brighter (Review + Q&A)


Brighter is an extremely promising debut, and Spook the Horses are a band you’ll definitely want to keep a very close eye on.