Hiboux: Command the Earth to Swallow Me Up


New Zealand instrumental band Hiboux make melodic and poetic post-rock that combines transportive escapism with deep-set catharsis.

Into Orbit: Unearthing


Plenty of instrumental bands can construct complex musical suites. But it takes a greater level of songwriting acumen to make that music dramatic and soul-stirring like Into Orbit do.

Mothra: Decision Process


Decision Process is highly recommended for rockers, rollers, habitual headphone listeners, and fresh-faced or long-term fans of heavyweight rock alike.

Into Orbit: Caverns

Into Orbit

Caverns, the debut album from Into Orbit—an instrumental duo from Wellington, New Zealand—is a perfect example of music that matters.

Failure Epics—S/T

FE BIO Pic_effected

Failure Epics is 36 minutes of astute prog, all wrapped in a glistening chrysalis of intrepid ideas and aspirations.

Best of 2011—Progressive Rock


I love heavy metal unreservedly, unapologetically and, probably to a fair degree, unwisely. But I’m also an avowed prog-head. I worship progressive music in all its guises; here’s a few of my picks from 2011.



As it’s still unforeseen where Opeth are heading to next, Heritage stands out as an eccentric anomaly in their catalogue. But this doesn’t diminish the quality of the album one bit.