New Zealand Music Month: Two Wolves


New Zealand Music Month: Two Wolves

The Hysteric in Metal Criticism


…this is a call for everyone in metal – me included – to be a bit more aware of our own desires and how they manifest via the music medium we love. It’s a call for an ethics of metal criticism and consumption.

Wizard Rifle—Speak Loud Say Nothing


Wizard Rifle’s debut, Speak Loud Say Nothing, is outstanding, setting the barometer of strangeness and frenetic creativity spinning off its dial.



Feel free to skip this entire post if self-referential musings aren’t your thing—or if you think saying ‘thanks’ isn’t very fuckin’ metal. Don’t say you weren’t warned; it’s going to get awfully sentimental from here on in.

Thurston Moore- Demolished Thoughts

Thurston Moore- Demolished Thoughts

Thurston Moore—Demolished Thoughts (Matador Records, 2011) Thurston Moore has been throwing back his flopped fringe, screwing up his cherub face and bashing out frenzied guitar noise as co-founder of the hugely influential New York outfit Sonic Youth since 1981. On this, Moore’s new solo outing, and following up his gentle 2007 album, Trees from the […]

Fucked Up — David Comes to Life

Fucked Up — David Comes to Life

Fucked Up — David Comes to Life (2011, Matador Records) The new release from Canadian hardcore legends Fucked Up is a full-blown concept album. Its storyline goes something like this: David, a factory worker in 80s Britain, meets a nice girl. She dies. David gets depressed and winds up in an even more fraught relationship. […]

Baroness- Red Album

Baroness – Red Album

Baroness – Red Album (2007, Relapse) If the last decade of rock was characterised by anything it had to be the cuddling up of unlikely musical bedfellows. Normally I wouldn’t recommend this sort of activity. I tried dating a folk fan once and I knew it was headed for a disaster after I spent three […]

Converge- Jane Doe

Converge – Jane Doe

Converge – Jane Doe (2001, Equal Vision/ Deathwish Records) How good is Jane Doe? I’m very glad you asked. Jane Doe sounds exactly like the emotional state you’d find yourself in after someone you’ve loved, but hadn’t had to courage to tell, fucks your best friend. That combined with the sensation of scraping your teeth […]

Craft- Fuck the Universe

Craft – Fuck The Universe

Craft – Fuck the Universe (2005 – Southern Lord) Have you ever lain awake at night with a toothache? Not one of those small whistling cavities that bother you when you drink coffee, but an infected root. A pus-filled throbbing raw wound. The sort of toothache that leaves you sweating and in so much pain […]

Sunn O)))- Black One

Sunn O))) – Black One

Sunn O))) – Black One (2005 – Southern Lord) There are only two things that really unnerve me. One of them is this album. The other is when I walk into my son’s room and find him sitting on his bed alone whispering under his breath. It fucking creeps me out, I get the vague […]