Crusty Culprits: #3, #4, #5, #6

Did I mention I write a semi-regular punk rock column over on Canadian noisy music website Hellbound?

Bastard Noise & Sickness: Death’s Door

Death’s Door is an arduous and harrowing reboot. And that’s exactly what’s needed, in this day and age.


Rotten UK: That Is Not Dead

That is not Dead is a full-throttle reminder that intoxicating and exhilarating punk rock remains primed for changing lives.


Setentia: Darkness Transcend

Setentia’s accomplished debut intertwines gut-felt ferocity with forward-thinking expressiveness.


It Only Gets Worse: Angels

Angels doesn’t provide easy answers or upbeat resolutions. But, like all great art, it does ask a lot of uneasy questions.


Vermin Womb: Decline

Decline is both a bleak reflection and grim projection of a world that’s well beyond repair. It’s Vermin Womb’s gruesome tribute, to humanity’s last gasps.


Ulcerate: Shrines of Paralysis

Aesthetically, Ulcerate are unrivalled. They are what others cannot be.


Winter Deluge: Devolution – Decay

Winter Deluge hammer home hate and hostility on Devolution – Decay.


Seputus: Man Does Not Give

Seputus don’t just capture the rage around us on Man Does Not Give, they also help release the rage within us.



Vexamen is a bold debut, a huge step up from Verberis’ demo, and that bodes well for the band’s future endeavours.