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    Tis the Season: Part Six

    Part six of Tis the Season features end of year picks from Chris Rigby and Tom Saunders.

  • Blind Witch

    Tis The Season: Part Five

    Tis the Season part five, with picks from Mosquito Control’s Fei Yun, and Anger Management Show host Witchfinder General.

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    Tis The Season: Part Four

    Part four of Tis The Season welcomes Max Rotvel, head-honcho of Metal Bandcamp, and Dan Kaplan, creator and co-host of Horns Up: A Weekly Metal Podcast.

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    Tis The Season: Part Three

    Tis the Season: Part Three. An end of year list from stalwart metal fan, Owain Smolović Jones.

  • War::Plague

    Crust, Punk, and Grimy Metal Favourites 2014.

    These are some of my favourite releases from (mostly) belligerent punk rockers in 2014.

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    Tis The Season: Part Two

    In part two of this Tis the Season round-up, we’re continuing on with the lists of albums that contributors submitted to Six Noises as their top picks for 2014.



Trepanation: Hideous Black Abyss

Trepanation – Hideous Black Abyss. Bandcamp. Get it now.


Dying of the light: Interview

Earlier this year, industrial doom duo Dying of the Light released their latest EP, Monolithuim. Six Noises chats with band co-founder, Chris Rigby.


Sinistrous Diabolus: Total Doom//Desecration.

Twenty years. That’s how long we’ve waited for Sinistrous Diabolus’s debut full-length, Total Doom//Desecration.

Shallow live

Shallow Grave — S/T

New Zealand has a twisted heart that’s reflected in the country’s most ill-omened metal. The self-titled debut from Shallow Grave captures that anger and unease flawlessly

titan live hires


In a world of far too easily manufactured fury, integrity speaks volumes and there’s no doubt whatsoever of the sincerity of Titan’s work.


Matt Hinch: Interview

Matt Hinch is a Canadian writer I’ve long admired. It was an honor to chat with Matt about writing, life, metal and his new role as a writer for Hellbound.ca.


Device—Lost My Soul (Single)

Mean and hulking, “Lost My Soul” is another great track from Device, and at almost double the running time of “Enemy Blood”, there’s twice as much savagery to revel in.


Exordium Mors—Sacrifice, Perish and Demise EP

If Exordium Mors’ aim is to snag some label attention, they’ve certainly laid out a fine trap with Sacrifice, Perish and Demise

Old Loaves

Old Loaves—Bad Rides 7″/Drowser LP.

June 2012 has to go down as a damn near perfect month for Old Loaves. Read on to find out why…


Device—Enemy Blood (Single)

“Enemy Blood”, the debut single from Device, is a damn impressive first charge at the ramparts. I’m definitely looking forward to see what they brew up for their next assault.