• bb4

    Bulletbelt Interview + Murderer’s Collar Stream

    Six Noises is also extremely honoured to debut “Murderer’s Collar”, the first track from Bulletbelt’s upcoming new album, Rise of the Banshee. And check out an interview with the band’s drummer, Steve Francis.

  • Into Orbit

    Into Orbit: Caverns

    Caverns, the debut album from Into Orbit—an instrumental duo from Wellington, New Zealand—is a perfect example of music that matters.

  • Trepanation

    Trepanation: Hideous Black Abyss

    Trepanation – Hideous Black Abyss. Bandcamp. Get it now.


    Dying of the light: Interview

    Earlier this year, industrial doom duo Dying of the Light released their latest EP, Monolithuim. Six Noises chats with band co-founder, Chris Rigby.

  • sinistrious

    Sinistrous Diabolus: Total Doom//Desecration.

    Twenty years. That’s how long we’ve waited for Sinistrous Diabolus’s debut full-length, Total Doom//Desecration.

  • Shallow live

    Shallow Grave — S/T

    New Zealand has a twisted heart that’s reflected in the country’s most ill-omened metal. The self-titled debut from Shallow Grave captures that anger and unease flawlessly


Old Loaves

Old Loaves—Bad Rides 7″/Drowser LP.

June 2012 has to go down as a damn near perfect month for Old Loaves. Read on to find out why…


Device—Enemy Blood (Single)

“Enemy Blood”, the debut single from Device, is a damn impressive first charge at the ramparts. I’m definitely looking forward to see what they brew up for their next assault.


Arc of Ascent—The Higher Key

The Higher Key­ is quite simply one of the finest metal albums to be released from these shores.

CR54652 cd booklet 12P.indd

Kelly, Von Till and Wino—Songs of Townes Van Zandt

This June, Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till and Wino are set to release a nine-song tribute to outlaw country legend Townes Van Zandt. It is a wholly mesmerizing work.


Barren Earth—The Devil’s Resolve

Why you’re all not endlessly raving about Finnish sextet Barren Earth is beyond me.


High on Fire—De Vermis Mysteriis

Equal parts enigmatic and ingenious, Matt Pike and the boys have drawn a bloody line in the sand that few would ever dare approach, let alone cross.

nihilist lead vocals


Abazagorath’s new self-titled EP is their first new material in four years, and it more than exceeds expectations with its hellfire and brimstone delights.


Labels—Dark Descent

Dark Descent specialize in releasing albums that adhere to a few simple precepts: they must be raw and they must be unrelentingly visceral. There’s no posturing to be found on Dark Descent’s roster.


Beastwars/ Spook The Horses/ Robin—Live! SFBH, Wellington, NZ, 23 March 2012.

Friday night’s album fundraiser for Wellington’s Beastwars was a hugely emotive evening, with three excellent acts serving up hefty rock and metal to a legion of devoted followers.


Aura Noir—Out to Die

Things are the same as they always were in Aura Noir’s fiefdom—very ugly and hostile—and Out to Die is a barbaric blitzkrieg that cuts to the quick of metal’s putrid core.