Vesicant: Shadows of Cleansing Iron

New Zealand black/death metal duo Vesicant have only played a handful of shows, and their 2014 Edict demo was originally released in limited numbers too. But that hasn’t stopped powerhouse German label Iron Bonehead Productions from stepping in to release the band’s formidable full-length debut, Shadows of Cleansing Iron… (click here to read the rest of my review over on No Clean Singing).  Read More

There Is No Music from China

  Back in 2015, New Zealand label End of the Alphabet Records released the fantastic Pekak! Indonesian Noise compilation showcasing inventive experimental artists often overlooked by Western audiences. The label’s latest compilation, There Is No Music from China, also lifts the lid on a little-known scene, revealing a host of ingenious music/mischief-makers from China’s experimental arts community. There Is No Music from China highlights... Read More

Heresiarch: Death Ordinance

So here it is, Death Ordinance, the long-awaited full-length debut from New Zealand black/death wrecking machine Heresiarch. It’s no exaggeration to say that Death Ordinance is one of the most anticipated releases in the annals of Antipodean metal, and fans of belligerent and bestial metal the world over have been counting the days until the album’s release. That’s because Heresiarch deliver a singularly brute force audio onslaught — aka... Read More

Seht: I Follow the Moon

Seht is an ambient/experimental electronics project helmed by Wellington, New Zealand-based musician Stephen Clover. And in the interest of full disclosure, I’ll admit to knowing Clover — ish. I don’t know Clover well. But I know him well enough to say “Hi” when I bump into him at the record store we both haunt. I also know Clover well enough to be somewhat (read sickeningly) jealous of his encyclopedic knowledge of obscure music. And... Read More

Enter the Soil: That Amber Lit Morning

I don’t listen to a lot of contemporary death/doom metal bands. Although, in saying that, Loss’ latest album, Horizonless, is certainly one of this year’s bleakest and best releases. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the gloomy magick of funereal metal circa ’17. It’s simply that the dirge/death/doom arena’s earlier practitioners (bands like Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Winter, Mournful Congregation and Anathema) appeal to me more than... Read More

Blame Thrower: 63.5

63.5 is the latest breakneck release from Auckland, New Zealand garage punk two-piece Blame Thrower. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rohan Evans at The Wine Cellar, 63.5’s four turbocharged tracks hurtle along as Ciara (drums and vocals) and Luke (guitar and vocals) intertwine their voices and throw out ragged power-pop hooks. The duo don’t waste any time overthinking things on 63.5. In fact, it sounds like they’re having a fucking whale of... Read More

Ancient Tapes: Demo

I’m old enough to have witnessed both the birth and heyday of shoegaze back in the late 80s and early 90s. And it’s been fascinating to watch the genre’s dreamlike atmospherics subsequently spread throughout the world of rock, pop, experimental music, electronica, and even — Satan forbid! — heavy fvckin’ metal. Shoegaze has adapted and survived. But, more importantly, broadening its audience helped shoegaze stage a comeback in recent times.... Read More

Noel Meek with Richard Youngs, Neil Campbell and Lasse Marhaug

Wellington, New Zealand musician Noel Meek founded and curates the critically applauded label End of the Alphabet Records. Over the past few years, the label’s built a considerable fanbase and released an increasing number of compelling recordings — including a few of Meek’s own. End of the Alphabet’s focus is on underground and outlier artists, and although the label’s dealt in a diverse range of outré music, a stubborn sense of nonconformity... Read More

Fuckalt: Archeology Vol​.​1: Dust & I Spent So Long Trying to Kill Myself…

I’ve posted before about the ambient sound experiments of Dunedin, New Zealand artist Fuckalt (aka musician Karl Leisky). Fuckalt’s six-track debut, Sine Works Vol.1: Organics, was a deep dive into ultra-minimalist waters, and the microtonal manipulator’s latest Bandcamp releases, Archeology Vol.1: Dust and I Spent So Long Trying to Kill Myself but Now It’s Time for Something New, also feature blissful electronics with a side-helping of... Read More

Sol Mortvvs: Sol I, II, III

If you can make it through the 22 minutes of nerve-stabbing frequency manipulations on Sol Mortvvs’ Sol III, then other two recordings in the one-man sonic sorcerer’s Sol series will be a breeze. Well, maybe not a breeze. That’s not fair on all the effort Sol Mortvvs clearly puts in to making harsh and discomforting music. Even experienced noise-ingesters might find some of Sol Mortvvs’ ear-splitting electronic distortions unpleasant,... Read More

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