Knee Splitter, Abschäumer, Poverty & Spit, Wizz Kids, The Cavemen, Markdown and Blame Thrower

It’s been busy round ’ere at Six Noises of late, and I’ve got a few more New Zealand punk bands to talk about before I take a nice long tea break. Below are six releases from various groups that were all released fairly recently. All of ’em are unquestionably raw, rungus, and rowdy. And all of ’em are loads of fun to boot. Hopefully some (or all) of them will grab your ear too. As always, cheers for stopping by Six Noises. Let’s dig into... Read More

Hollywoodfun Downstairs: Tetris

True story: I was actually listening to a radio interviewee explain how playing the video game Tetris can rewire your brain, when Tetris, the latest album from New Zealand three-piece Hollywoodfun Downstairs (HFD), dropped into my mailbox. That aforementioned interviewee talked a lot about ‘The Tetris Effect’, which occurs when people focus their energies so intently on an activity that it ends up having a profound effect on their thinking. You... Read More

Into Orbit: Unearthing

Cover art by Nick Keller Countless bands try to grab our attention with an enticing vocal hook. Hell, even in the world of extreme metal, where vocals are frequently an indecipherable blur words and lyrics still play a crucial role in imparting meaning. At the other end of the spectrum though, instrumental bands seek to convey meaning without any lyrical or vocal cues, and that’s obviously a tougher task. When it all goes well, audiences can decipher... Read More

Stone Angels & Black Temple

  If you read the last post here at Six Noises, you’ll know I’ve already got a long list of New Zealand releases to write about this year. (Pressure’s on, man.) Most of the releases I’ve got lined up are either NZ punk or weird rock LPs and cassettes. But here’s a couple of recent Bandcamp releases from NZ’s underground metal realm that are well worth checking out. Both bands below are from the city of Christchurch, which —... Read More

Over-Population, Tyrannosaurus Wreck & Blazing Shade

One month into 2017, and I already have 11 New Zealand music releases to write about. Actually, make that 12 local releases; homegrown experimental label End of the Alphabet Records just announced a new album from reclusive sound experimentalist Omit. That means I should be seriously getting my A into G and focusing on typing a lot of words as fast as I can. So I thought I’d start with a trio of write-ups looking at a trio of releases from a trio... Read More

Sick Old Man: Tribunus Plebis

 My faithful ol’ computer gave up the ghost a few weeks ago, and while a dead computer is an undeniable hassle, it hasn’t all been bad news. It turns out that being forced to live offline is kind of, well, fun –– who knew, m8! I mean, I didn’t think I was a heavy user of social media, but not participating in that solipsistic sphere at all for a few weeks is a potent digital detox. I almost like people again. Almost. Best of all, though,... Read More

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