Six Noises EOY ’16: Punk

Fuck ranking albums. Especially punk albums. A fucking pecking order is the absolute antithesis of what the music below stands for. But then, you kids like your lists, right? You love your countdowns, listicles, and … actually, you know what, as much I crave the sound of disorder and disobedience charging over the hill, I’m pretty sure I love a nicely ordered end-of-year list more than anyone. (I also love stuffy period dramas as much as... Read More

Broken Limbs Recordings

The idea that metal and punk are somehow more authentic than other genres of music is a myth in this day and age. Sure, there are still pockets in metal and punk communities where words like integrity or scruples do have meaning. But we’ve also all witnessed, many times, exactly how shallow both metal and punk can be when vacuous bands are hyped, via utterly transparent marketing strategies, to cash in on fleeting trends. Plenty of metal and punk... Read More