Avichi – The Devil’s Fractal

  The Devil’s Fractal is album number two from this US black metal wizard Andrew Markuszewski. While he’s also a contributing member of post-punk and progressively-inclined underground metal superstars Nachtmystium, his releases under the Avichi moniker comprise infinitely sterner and bleaker sermons, with a core sound closer to the primal thrust of orthodox black metal (along with a welcome dose of avant-garde thematic complexity).... Read More

Kroda- Schwarzpfad

  If Eastern European black metal bands are famous for anything, aside from some very dubious political affiliations, then it would have to be that they don’t suffer any lack of self-confidence or ambition. Ukrainian outfit Kroda takes that same purposeful and progressive approach on its newest release Schwarzpfad, crafting a suite of songs that splices mellifluous European folk into a swirling mix of pagan fury. Spread out across five elongated... Read More

Aosoth- III

  Maybe it’s just the nostalgia talking, but there was a time when listening to black metal was a lot less complicated. Nowadays the pressure’s on to redefine your listening experience. Is what you’re listening to hyperborean? Are you being drawn into the ever decreasing, cataclysmic and stupefying void of nihilism, or are the wide-open steppes of poetic and spiritual transcendentalism on the horizon? Personally, I’m tired of that argument... Read More

Sunn O)))- Black One

Sunn O))) – Black One (2005 – Southern Lord) There are only two things that really unnerve me. One of them is this album. The other is when I walk into my son’s room and find him sitting on his bed alone whispering under his breath. It fucking creeps me out, I get the vague feeling he’s planning my demise. So yes, Black One is frightening, although perhaps ominous is a more apt description. It hints at something very very bad lurking... Read More

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