Blame Thrower: 63.5

63.5 is the latest breakneck release from Auckland, New Zealand garage punk two-piece Blame Thrower. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rohan Evans at The Wine Cellar, 63.5’s four turbocharged tracks hurtle along as Ciara (drums and vocals) and Luke (guitar and vocals) intertwine their voices and throw out ragged power-pop hooks. The duo don’t waste any time overthinking things on 63.5. In fact, it sounds like they’re having a fucking whale of... Read More

Knee Splitter, Abschäumer, Poverty & Spit, Wizz Kids, The Cavemen, Markdown and Blame Thrower

It’s been busy round ’ere at Six Noises of late, and I’ve got a few more New Zealand punk bands to talk about before I take a nice long tea break. Below are six releases from various groups that were all released fairly recently. All of ’em are unquestionably raw, rungus, and rowdy. And all of ’em are loads of fun to boot. Hopefully some (or all) of them will grab your ear too. As always, cheers for stopping by Six Noises. Let’s dig into... Read More