Over-Population, Tyrannosaurus Wreck & Blazing Shade

One month into 2017, and I already have 11 New Zealand music releases to write about. Actually, make that 12 local releases; homegrown experimental label End of the Alphabet Records just announced a new album from reclusive sound experimentalist Omit. That means I should be seriously getting my A into G and focusing on typing a lot of words as fast as I can. So I thought I’d start with a trio of write-ups looking at a trio of releases from a trio... Read More

Six Noises EOY ’16: New Zealand Metal

Below is my list of my favourite New Zealand metal releases from 2016. If you’re wondering why (whoever) isn’t here, it could be that: (a) I thought (whoever’s) release was hot fucking garbage (b) I saw (whoever’s) release mentioned, but I didn’t get round to hearing it (c) (whoever) just wasn’t on my radar at all (d) it’s definitely reason (a) Just joshing, mate. I’m sure your debut EP is super-duper. I actually... Read More