Six Noises EOY ’16: New Zealand Metal

Below is my list of my favourite New Zealand metal releases from 2016. If you’re wondering why (whoever) isn’t here, it could be that: (a) I thought (whoever’s) release was hot fucking garbage (b) I saw (whoever’s) release mentioned, but I didn’t get round to hearing it (c) (whoever) just wasn’t on my radar at all (d) it’s definitely reason (a) Just joshing, mate. I’m sure your debut EP is super-duper. I actually... Read More

Bloodnut: Blues from the Red Sons

Rock ’n’ roll is a very broad church. We get to enjoy stony-faced sermons from pious kvlt kids. But we also get to revel in histrionic hymns from bands that make merry like friar fucking Tuck. It’s those latter bands that gleefully celebrate rock ’n’ roll’s over-the-top theatrics while maintaining a healthy sense of humour. And Auckland, New Zealand trio Bloodnut definitely fall into that category. Bloodnut’s full-length debut, Blues... Read More