Titan—Burn Acrophobia is the fear of heights, and Burn, the debut full-length from sludgy hardcore behemoths Titan, fills me with just such dread. Colossal walls of riffs are to be found on Burn. Built on a foundation of hardcore, they’re monoliths of sound, piercing doom-laden skies and towering into a blazing aether. From up on top, the transition between movements can feel like a lurching drop. As lofty heights are ascended, you become transfixed... Read More

Matt Hinch: Interview

Photo courtesy Becky Hinch. Matt Hinch is a Canadian writer I’ve long admired. I’ve been following his work on his ‘Kingdom of Noise’ blog since we met on Twitter many moons ago. I’ve always been hugely impressed with Matt’s ability to infuse his work with personality and passion. His enthusiasm, humor and obvious love for metal shines in his work, which makes Matt not only an inspiring writer to follow,... Read More

Device—Lost My Soul (Single)

Device—Lost My Soul (Single) “Lost My Soul” is salvo number two from Vancouver, Canada quartet Device, who released their debut song, “Enemy Blood”, on Bandcamp back in June. I threw in a disclaimer when reviewing their debut because my Hellbound.ca colleague Kyle Harcott lurks behind Device’s drum kit. Once again, you can forget any favoritism on my part, because “Lost My Soul” requires no embellishments... Read More

Device—Enemy Blood (Single)

Device—Enemy Blood (Single) A couple of days back, on the rather fitting 6/6, Vancouver, Canada based four-piece Device released their debut single, “Enemy Blood”. Within their ranks lurks one of my Hellbound.ca colleagues—drummer and self-confessed “vehement metallist” and “burly henchman” Kyle Harcott. Now, obviously you’d be excused for questioning my impartially when reviewing the band’s work. Fair... Read More

Failure Epics—S/T

Failure Epics—S/T Failure Epics is the progressive rock debut from Canadian singer-songwriter Jon Epworth. Citing Yes and King Crimson as influences, Epworth creates tunes that are heavy on the de rigueur prog dynamics—plenty of warm guitar flourishes, a nice shiny finish and a few sumptuous, multidimensional jams. Failure Epics is a primarily solo undertaking, which Epworth composed, performed and produced, with some additional help on the horns... Read More