Bulletbelt Interview + Murderer’s Collar Stream

Back in 2012, Bulletbelt released their first full-length, Down in the Cold of the Grave. Black metal led the charge, but the Wellington, New Zealand-based band mixed in plenty of thrash’s jagged bite and traditional metal’s harmonies, before liberally dousing everything with punk rock’s venom. What Down in the Cold of the Grave revealed most was that Bulletbelt weren’t going to be bound by any strict genre rules. The band’s brand new... Read More

Device—Lost My Soul (Single)

Device—Lost My Soul (Single) “Lost My Soul” is salvo number two from Vancouver, Canada quartet Device, who released their debut song, “Enemy Blood”, on Bandcamp back in June. I threw in a disclaimer when reviewing their debut because my Hellbound.ca colleague Kyle Harcott lurks behind Device’s drum kit. Once again, you can forget any favoritism on my part, because “Lost My Soul” requires no embellishments... Read More

Device—Enemy Blood (Single)

Device—Enemy Blood (Single) A couple of days back, on the rather fitting 6/6, Vancouver, Canada based four-piece Device released their debut single, “Enemy Blood”. Within their ranks lurks one of my Hellbound.ca colleagues—drummer and self-confessed “vehement metallist” and “burly henchman” Kyle Harcott. Now, obviously you’d be excused for questioning my impartially when reviewing the band’s work. Fair... Read More