Spiteful Urinator: Absurdities And Death Rites

I don’t think it’s going to shatter anyone’s illusions to point out that the music business is a hackneyed ol’ magic show full of tired misdirection and even more tired tricks. Of course, the majority of bands still seem happy to play along and embrace the gods of hollow hype. But then there are those bands that make their utter contempt of the music biz abundantly clear: New Zealand punk band Spiteful Urinator are one of those rare groups.... Read More

Up The Punks & Rogernomix’s Tour of OZ / Asia 2016

Up The Punks is an online archive that documents the punk scene in Wellington, New Zealand Aotearoa – that is, round my neck of the woods. The site is curated by local punks, and it follows the birth of punk rock in Wellington (24 August, 1977, if you’re curious), right on through to today’s wayward activities. The site’s an engrossing repository of reminiscences, and features plenty of up-to-date developments. But Up The Punks’ most crucial... Read More