Revocation—Chaos Of Forms

If Chaos Of Forms doesn’t push Revocation to the front of the technical thrash pack this year it will be an utter tragedy. Their new album is a leap forward creatively with riffs and solos galore, all delivered with mathematical precision. Blending meticulously structured thrash, jazzy breakdowns, vintage flashes (horns and 70s keyboards)—all embellished with a technically progressive finish—Chaos Of Forms is stunningly complex, completely... Read More

Gorgy—Birth of Damnation

I’m a huge fan of bands that stretch the limits of what metal is ‘supposed’ to be. I love it when bands willfully ignore genre restrictions and incorporate influences from a variety of musical styles. To my mind, bands that look outside the metal realm for inspiration are inherently brave (they risk ridicule and masses of criticism don’t forget). They should be honored for having the balls (or ovaries) for aiming at an ambitious target, even... Read More

Disma—Towards The Megalith

My review for Disma’s excellent 10/10 Towards The Megalith can be found right here on the equally excellent  Read More

The Mark of Man- Interview 2011

Benevolent Brutality Brutal is a word bandied around a lot in the metal community, but brutality shouldn’t necessarily be measured by plain old heaviness or technical ability alone. There are plenty of bands that are barbaric, unrelentingly callous and cold, but aside from a certain weight there’s often little else except vacuous clatter. Not that I’m disparaging noise for noise’s sake. I’ve got plenty of mindlessly battering artists in... Read More

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