Tis the Season: Part Six

If you’ve been following this Tis the Season round-up, or you’re just stopping by for the first time, then cheers. This is the final collection of end of year lists submitted to Six Noises from various contributors, and my thanks go out to everyone who threw a list my way this year. Part six of Tis the Season below features lists from Chris Rigby (head-honcho of Subcide Zine, and bassist for trio Dying of the Light) and Tom Saunders (frequent... Read More

Tis The Season: Part Five

One complaint that’s often made about end of year lists is that it’s always the same albums appearing over and over again. Well, the two lists below don’t overlap at all. One list is courtesy of Fei Yun, who’s the bassist, guitarist, and vocalist for Auckland sludge and doom duo Mosquito Control. While the other end of year list is provided by Witchfinder General, who’s one of the hosts of the Wellington-based Anger Management... Read More

Tis The Season: Part Four

Part four of Tis The Season welcomes Max Rotvel, head-honcho of Metal Bandcamp, and Dan Kaplan, creator and co-host of Horns Up: A Weekly Metal Podcast. Max is taking a different route with his list below, noting albums that struck a cord from across the last 12 months. While Dan has kindly provided a countdown of his favourite albums from the past year. Cheers if you’ve been following this Tis the Season list madness. I hope, like me, you’ve... Read More

Tis The Season: Part Three

I’ve had some fantastic end of year picks sent my way for Six Noises’ Tis the Season list mayhem. And here’s another. This one is courtesy of stalwart heavy metal fan, and my brother from another mother, Owain Smolović Jones. Owain not only sent me his top picks for 2014, but he also provided a great overview of his year in metal fandom. It’s a real honour to have Owain contribute here at Six Noises. He’s a lecturer in management... Read More

Crust, Punk, and Grimy Metal Favourites 2014.

Punk rock opened the gateway to heavy music for me. Specifically, the first volume of the Punk and Disorderly compilation series, which I first heard back in the early ’80s. In the decades since, I’ve never shaken off my love of defiant bands and scrappy subterranean sounds. And that’s essentially the spirit behind this list. These are some of my favourite releases from (mostly) belligerent punk rockers in 2014. Admittedly, my taste in... Read More

Tis The Season: Part Two

Welcome back. In part two of Tis the Season we’re continuing on with the lists of top picks from 2014 that were graciously handed to Six Noises by a variety of writers, fans, musicians, and label owners. Again, my thanks go out to everyone who sent me their picks. This time, there are lists from Rich Loren Balling (owner/operator of label Handmade Birds); Black Mortum (a.k.a Raj Singarajah) and Scourge (a.k.a Mark Anthony Brooks) from... Read More

New Zealand Metal Favourites 2014

Vassafor​/​Sinistrous Diabolus Split 12″. Cover art N.K.S. Additional layout Bad News Brown. Over the past few years, New Zealand metal has been garnering increasing amounts of international attention. In fact, 2014 was a banner year in that regard. If you saw fit to support bands from my homeland in any capacity, then cheers: from the bottom of my crooked little heart. It’s been great to see that increased attention serve as a gateway... Read More