Baroness- Red Album

Baroness – Red Album (2007, Relapse) If the last decade of rock was characterised by anything it had to be the cuddling up of unlikely musical bedfellows. Normally I wouldn’t recommend this sort of activity. I tried dating a folk fan once and I knew it was headed for a disaster after I spent three fruitless hours trying to convince her to listen to a few Napalm Death albums so she could appreciate the bands slightly erratic transitional mid-period.... Read More

Converge- Jane Doe

Converge – Jane Doe (2001, Equal Vision/ Deathwish Records) How good is Jane Doe? I’m very glad you asked. Jane Doe sounds exactly like the emotional state you’d find yourself in after someone you’ve loved, but hadn’t had to courage to tell, fucks your best friend. That combined with the sensation of scraping your teeth on concrete when you are completely sober. Actually, you could also compare it to the same feeling you get after having... Read More

Craft- Fuck the Universe

Craft – Fuck the Universe (2005 – Southern Lord) Have you ever lain awake at night with a toothache? Not one of those small whistling cavities that bother you when you drink coffee, but an infected root. A pus-filled throbbing raw wound. The sort of toothache that leaves you sweating and in so much pain you’re to afraid to look at the window because you know, without a doubt, that you’re on the verge of hallucinating and that witches,... Read More

Sunn O)))- Black One

Sunn O))) – Black One (2005 – Southern Lord) There are only two things that really unnerve me. One of them is this album. The other is when I walk into my son’s room and find him sitting on his bed alone whispering under his breath. It fucking creeps me out, I get the vague feeling he’s planning my demise. So yes, Black One is frightening, although perhaps ominous is a more apt description. It hints at something very very bad lurking... Read More