Kroda- Schwarzpfad

  If Eastern European black metal bands are famous for anything, aside from some very dubious political affiliations, then it would have to be that they don’t suffer any lack of self-confidence or ambition. Ukrainian outfit Kroda takes that same purposeful and progressive approach on its newest release Schwarzpfad, crafting a suite of songs that splices mellifluous European folk into a swirling mix of pagan fury. Spread out across five elongated... Read More

Thurston Moore- Demolished Thoughts

Thurston Moore—Demolished Thoughts (Matador Records, 2011) Thurston Moore has been throwing back his flopped fringe, screwing up his cherub face and bashing out frenzied guitar noise as co-founder of the hugely influential New York outfit Sonic Youth since 1981. On this, Moore’s new solo outing, and following up his gentle 2007 album, Trees from the Academy, he dives even deeper into the barrio of folk and Americana. To produce the new album,... Read More