Six Noises’ 2015 Extravaganza: New Zealand Noise

Welcome to the seventh post of Six Noises’ 2015 end-of-year shenanigans. I’ve been letting fly with lists cataloguing first-rate metal, punk, experimental rock, and now (in this last post) riotous New Zealand albums. None of the posts are ranked, because all I really want to do is recommend a whole heap of great music. Cheers for stopping by my list of favourite noisy New Zealand albums from 2015. Admittedly, if you’re an NZ music buff, you... Read More

Graves: Fides Ad Nauseam

Graves:  Fides Ad Nauseam There’s a great review of Abandon All Life, the 2013 album from Californian powerviolence crew Nails, that’s always stuck in my mind. Chiefly because the author noted that in order to really capture Abandon All Life’s high-speed hostilities, their review should have: been one paragraph long, been written in ALL CAPS, and ended by telling you to go fuck yourself. Obviously, if you’ve heard the kind of vicious and... Read More