The All Seeing Hand: Sand to Glass

Cover Artwork by Daily Secretion Most of the music we listen to is comprised of variations on familiar themes. It’s much rarer to encounter music that’s so utterly different that it’s genuinely innovative. But that’s exactly the kind of novel and unconventional music that New Zealand three-piece The All Seeing Hand create. The Wellington-based trio make incredibly imaginative and often indescribable music, and it’s taken me two months to... Read More

Stone Angels & Black Temple

  If you read the last post here at Six Noises, you’ll know I’ve already got a long list of New Zealand releases to write about this year. (Pressure’s on, man.) Most of the releases I’ve got lined up are either NZ punk or weird rock LPs and cassettes. But here’s a couple of recent Bandcamp releases from NZ’s underground metal realm that are well worth checking out. Both bands below are from the city of Christchurch, which —... Read More

Over-Population, Tyrannosaurus Wreck & Blazing Shade

One month into 2017, and I already have 11 New Zealand music releases to write about. Actually, make that 12 local releases; homegrown experimental label End of the Alphabet Records just announced a new album from reclusive sound experimentalist Omit. That means I should be seriously getting my A into G and focusing on typing a lot of words as fast as I can. So I thought I’d start with a trio of write-ups looking at a trio of releases from a trio... Read More

Winter Deluge: Devolution – Decay

Changes within a band can lead to creative uncertainty or even outright artistic collapse. But that’s clearly not an issue for New Zealand black metal outfit Winter Deluge. Last time we heard from the group was back in 2012, when they released their hate-fuelled full-length debut, As the Earth Fades into Obscurity. Since then, Winter Deluge have cycled through a few bassists, and lost and gained both a guitarist and a vocalist. But none of those... Read More

Mothra: Decision Process

If you threw 90% of the heavyweight instrumental bands currently making music into a deep dark pit, I’d wager that few of them would ever be missed. I mean, let’s be honest, whether they’re progressive, experimental or post-whatever, there’s a massive surplus of entirely interchangeable bands making unengaging and uninspired music. Of course, that still leaves us with the crucial 10% who’re producing ingenious and engrossing music. Those... Read More

The Cavemen: S/T

A couple of weeks back, I pointed the Six Noises’ spotlight at Cemetery Circuit, the heavy-duty debut album from roughneck New Zealand surf punk combo The Dobermen. Cemetery Circuit features bleeding-raw garage rock and twangin’ rockabilly, both of which often thrum along at a motorik pace. However, what Cemetery Circuit also features––some might say, most of all––is a big old dose of swaggering attitude. That’s what The Dobermen are... Read More

End of the Alphabet Records: Updates and Favourites

In September 2014, New Zealand-based End of the Alphabet Records issued their first digital and tape release, NoFi Rainbow Vol.1. That compilation featured tracks from up-and-coming noise and drone artists alongside well-known members of New Zealand’s avant-garde music community, such as Antony Milton, Campbell Kneale, Bruce Russell, and End of the Alphabet Records’ founder, Noel Meek. NoFi Rainbow Vol.1 was welcomingly received both at home... Read More

Video debut: Plastic Fascinations, from Hollywoodfun Downstairs

  I didn’t know what to make of Hollywoodfun Downstairs when I first heard them. I mean, there was no question I loved what I heard on Reactions, the latest album from the Wellington, New Zealand-based trio. Their instrumental prowess and daredevil songwriting was hugely impressive, and the album’s hooks and production packed a heavyweight punch. However, I was totally flummoxed about how I was going to accurately describe the stop-on-a-dime,... Read More

Trepanation: Hideous Black Abyss

Trepanation, Hideous Black Abyss. Get on this. [black metal death metal grind core metal punk war metal demo] All the good words, at name your price too.  Read More

Exordium Mors—Sacrifice, Perish and Demise EP

Exordium Mors—Sacrifice, Perish and Demise EP Exordium Mors’ metal has a markedly pitiless temper, much like that of fellow New Zealand kin Witchrist, Winter Deluge and Diocletian. The five-piece band from Auckland originally formed in 2004, and have released a series of demos, a split DVD release, and one EP, 2010’s Verus Hostis – A Hymn to Fire. The band’s latest EP, Sacrifice, Perish and Demise, is being dangled as fresh bait... Read More

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