Northumbria: Markland

Canadian musicians Jim Field and Dorian Williamson formed drone duo Northumbria in 2011, and they’ve since carved out a hypnotic presence, and received a lot of well-deserved praise, with their dark and expressive ambient drones. Field and Williamson use guitars and bass to sculpt spellbinding tracks, and they record Northumbria’s improvised songs entirely live. In lesser hands that could easily result in makeshift music, but Northumbria’s soul-stirring... Read More

Six Noises’ 2015 Extravaganza: Eccentrics and Experimentalists Part 1

Welcome to the first post of Six Noises’ end-of-year shenanigans. This year, as usual, I’ll be dispensing with any crotchety critic antics to simply let fly with a bunch of posts cataloguing a whole heap of first-rate metal, punk, eccentric and experimental rock, and a bunch of riotous New Zealand albums from 2015. Basically, the intent behind all of the upcoming lists can be best encapsulated by those immortal words uttered by the sadly departed... Read More

Tis the Season: Northumbria

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my favourite non-metal releases from 2014. That list will feature an assortment of gothic rock, noise, deathrock, drone, and a few more experimental releases. But before I publish that, I’m plucking drone duo Northumbria’s Bring Down the Sky from that list to highlight right here. I want to shine a spotlight on Bring Down the Sky in advance because it’s, well, utterly exquisite. Northumbria features Toronto-based... Read More