Distro-y Records: A Half-Dozen Ragers

Like many rapidly aging curmudgeons, I’m a complete hypocrite about the Internet. I mean, on the one hand, I’ll tell all and sundry about how much I detest the Internet because… well, social fucking media, right? But then, I also love the internet because with a few taps on the keyboard I can listen to underground music from all corners of the globe. Including music from an Irish hardcore and crust label like Distro-y Records, whose hometown... Read More

Six Noises EOY ’16: Punk

Fuck ranking albums. Especially punk albums. A fucking pecking order is the absolute antithesis of what the music below stands for. But then, you kids like your lists, right? You love your countdowns, listicles, and … actually, you know what, as much I crave the sound of disorder and disobedience charging over the hill, I’m pretty sure I love a nicely ordered end-of-year list more than anyone. (I also love stuffy period dramas as much as... Read More