Failure Epics—S/T

Failure Epics—S/T Failure Epics is the progressive rock debut from Canadian singer-songwriter Jon Epworth. Citing Yes and King Crimson as influences, Epworth creates tunes that are heavy on the de rigueur prog dynamics—plenty of warm guitar flourishes, a nice shiny finish and a few sumptuous, multidimensional jams. Failure Epics is a primarily solo undertaking, which Epworth composed, performed and produced, with some additional help on the horns... Read More


(Originally posted on the hellishly good Heritage is the 10th album from Sweden’s Opeth. Discarding the nuanced melodic death metal that has secured their reputation thus far, their new album is comprised solely of mellifluous prog, folk and jazz. It is a controversial step (to say the least). The band’s transparent retro ’70s fixation, and the casting aside of the bulk of their metal characteristics, has left a fair proportion... Read More