(Originally posted on the hellishly good Hellbound.ca) Heritage is the 10th album from Sweden’s Opeth. Discarding the nuanced melodic death metal that has secured their reputation thus far, their new album is comprised solely of mellifluous prog, folk and jazz. It is a controversial step (to say the least). The band’s transparent retro ’70s fixation, and the casting aside of the bulk of their metal characteristics, has left a fair proportion... Read More

Arch/Matheos—Sympathetic Resonance

(Originally posted on the hellishly good Hellbound.ca) Although vocalist John Arch exited Fates Warning in the late ’80s there has always been a core of fans whose adoration for the band’s original vocalist has remained undiminished. I admit to being in that camp. I’m old enough to have bought a copy of Awaken the Guardian when it was first released and it remains one of my favourite albums from their catalogue. The band of course moved... Read More

Fucked Up — David Comes to Life

Fucked Up — David Comes to Life (2011, Matador Records) The new release from Canadian hardcore legends Fucked Up is a full-blown concept album. Its storyline goes something like this: David, a factory worker in 80s Britain, meets a nice girl. She dies. David gets depressed and winds up in an even more fraught relationship. Then things begin to get awfully surreal. You’ll have to decipher the rest yourself because we need to move on. I’ve only... Read More