Knee Splitter, Abschäumer, Poverty & Spit, Wizz Kids, The Cavemen, Markdown and Blame Thrower

It’s been busy round ’ere at Six Noises of late, and I’ve got a few more New Zealand punk bands to talk about before I take a nice long tea break. Below are six releases from various groups that were all released fairly recently. All of ’em are unquestionably raw, rungus, and rowdy. And all of ’em are loads of fun to boot. Hopefully some (or all) of them will grab your ear too. As always, cheers for stopping by Six Noises. Let’s dig into... Read More

War//Plague & Bädr Vogu

I like to imagine I’m a cynical old grouch, but the truth is I still get ridiculously over-excited about upcoming albums. Sadly, most of the time that heightened anticipation is rewarded with an album best described as a damp fucking squib. But, on rarer occasions, all of that anticipation pays off with an album that exceeds my hopes and expectations. You’ll know those kind of albums, because they’re the ones that arrive with an intense visceral... Read More