Whores—Ruiner I guess the band’s name speaks for itself, right? Derogatory, distasteful and confrontational. No surprise then to discover that that is exactly what you get on Ruiner, the debut EP from the Atlanta, Georgia-based trio. Produced by Kyle Spence of Harvey Milk fame, and slathered in a very apt buzzing dissonance, Ruiner sets out an opening gambit of five inflamed carbuncles of noise, smothered with molasses-thick sludge. Neo-monolithic... Read More

Atriarch—Forever the End

Crawling out of Portland with their debut album Forever the End, Atriarch envelope you in a claustrophobic mix of über-grinding doom, bewitching atmospheres and icy black metal remoteness. Drawing rave reviews from all quarters, and even a nod from the Melvins’ Buzz Osborne, Atriarch’s debut is a first-rate slab of ill-tempered noise and a fine lesson in what can be achieved when the dismal totality of ritualistic and esoterically inclined... Read More

Meth Drinker—S/T

There are two kinds of sludge metal. There’s the one that evokes a certain Southern charm with its whiskey sippin,’ thunderclouds-a-gathering, sweaty clubs and down-home big fat riffs. And then there’s the other type—the obnoxious one. The one that conjures up images of broken glass, rubbish-strewn wastelands, dirty needles, infected leg sores, rotting teeth and very unhealthy co-dependent relationships. Meth Drinker plays the latter kind.... Read More

Tombs—Path of Totality

Waves of corpulent riffs, understated gothic splendor and a fair amount of post-metal escapism greets you on Path of Totality, the sophomore album from New York trio Tombs. It’s a sagacious, intricate release—Tombs have taken those disparate elements and influences that defined their debut, Winter Hours, honed their already imposing songwriting prowess, and released an album that is intensely corrosive, yet has a tantalizingly delicate heart. Tombs... Read More

Baroness- Red Album

Baroness – Red Album (2007, Relapse) If the last decade of rock was characterised by anything it had to be the cuddling up of unlikely musical bedfellows. Normally I wouldn’t recommend this sort of activity. I tried dating a folk fan once and I knew it was headed for a disaster after I spent three fruitless hours trying to convince her to listen to a few Napalm Death albums so she could appreciate the bands slightly erratic transitional mid-period.... Read More

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