Beastwars/ Spook The Horses/ Robin—Live! SFBH, Wellington, NZ, 23 March 2012.

Friday’s album fundraiser for Wellington’s Beastwars was a hugely emotive evening, with three excellent acts serving up hefty rock and metal to a legion of devoted followers. Beastwars are worshipped round this neck of the woods, and rightly so. They appreciate the fact that their loyal fans’ steadfast support set the groundwork for their national and now international success (the band’s done very well since the European release... Read More

Spook the Horses—Brighter (Review + Q&A)

SPOOK THE HORSES—BRIGHTER (REVIEW + Q&A) It wasn’t remotely difficult to decide which album to review first in 2012. Brighter, the debut release from post-rock outfit Spook the Horses, of Wellington, New Zealand, is stacked with all the panoramic creativity needed to kick start the year in invigorating fashion. With an hour’s worth of undulating, textural post-rock, Brighter shifts effortlessly between picturesque soundscapes and pugnacious... Read More