Revilement: Joe Reviled interviewed In early December 2011, Taiwanese death metal band Revilement released their first full-length album, Pillars of Balance. A feast of blistering technical riffing and grindworthy guttural gurgles, the band’s debut was unquestionably brutal to the nth degree, yet it also retained a welcome sense of clarity. All the intricacies and fluidity of the band could have been choked by their outright viciousness,... Read More

Revocation—Chaos Of Forms

If Chaos Of Forms doesn’t push Revocation to the front of the technical thrash pack this year it will be an utter tragedy. Their new album is a leap forward creatively with riffs and solos galore, all delivered with mathematical precision. Blending meticulously structured thrash, jazzy breakdowns, vintage flashes (horns and 70s keyboards)—all embellished with a technically progressive finish—Chaos Of Forms is stunningly complex, completely... Read More

Gigan- Quasi-Hallucinogenic-Sonic-Landscapes

New review for Gigan’s latest can be found right here on The perfect album if you enjoy mad scientists, technical death metal, growling and xylophones. Even better if you have an attention deficit disorder.  Read More