The All Seeing Hand: Sand to Glass

Cover Artwork by Daily Secretion Most of the music we listen to is comprised of variations on familiar themes. It’s much rarer to encounter music that’s so utterly different that it’s genuinely innovative. But that’s exactly the kind of novel and unconventional music that New Zealand three-piece The All Seeing Hand create. The Wellington-based trio make incredibly imaginative and often indescribable music, and it’s taken me two months to... Read More

Six Noises EOY ’16: New Zealand Offbeat, Alternative, and Experimental

This is the final post of my 2016 end-of-year round-up, and it was the hardest post to put together in the end. Mainly because I often feel like I’m not focused enough on the offbeat, alternative, and experimental music from around my neck of the woods. I mean, I did find plenty of odd or eccentric releases to enjoy in 2016, but I also get nervous that I’ve missed something crucial, especially around this time of year. That’s partly because... Read More