Six Noises EOY ’16: New Zealand Metal

Below is my list of my favourite New Zealand metal releases from 2016. If you’re wondering why (whoever) isn’t here, it could be that: (a) I thought (whoever’s) release was hot fucking garbage (b) I saw (whoever’s) release mentioned, but I didn’t get round to hearing it (c) (whoever) just wasn’t on my radar at all (d) it’s definitely reason (a) Just joshing, mate. I’m sure your debut EP is super-duper. I actually... Read More

Ritual Abuse & Trepanation

Ritual Abuse: White Smoke Ritual Demo Internationally, it’s been bands from New Zealand’s death and black metal underground that have drawn the most attention in recent times. That’s fair enough, I guess. Groups like Ulcerate, Vassafor, Witchrist, Diocletian, Prisoner of War, Veneficium, and Heresiarch have certainly underscored that NZ metal does brutality and belligerence extremely well. However, NZ metal obviously isn’t just bands dealing... Read More