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Baroness- Red Album

Baroness – Red Album

(2007, Relapse)

If the last decade of rock was characterised by anything it had to be the cuddling up of unlikely musical bedfellows. Normally I wouldn’t recommend this sort of activity. I tried dating a folk fan once and I knew it was headed for a disaster after I spent three fruitless hours trying to convince her to listen to a few Napalm Death albums so she could appreciate the bands slightly erratic transitional mid-period. Her loss though, I bet she’s still never heard Fear, Emptiness, Despair and really, what kind of life can you expect to have if you’ve not heard that album. Baroness of course did a lot better than me, tucking in their brand of testosterone fuelled post-whatever rock next to their sickly and pale little indie cousins. Blending good old Southern heavily bearded sludge with jangly post-punk melodic guitar lines made for a truly mind-blowing album. Honestly, it’s magnificent, it rocks and rolls with a swampy swagger and at its core it’s pure indie-rock perfection.