Into Orbit: Dark Matter

New Zealand experimental rock duo Into Orbit have released a storming video to accompany their brand new track “Dark Matter”. Featuring more of Into Orbit’s dynamic tension and release rock, “Dark Matter” starts off with a loop that sees guitarist Paul Stewart use his guitar strings as a percussive source, before the song twists and turns to develop into a darker ‘n’ sludgier melee.

See the video above for a reminder of Into Orbit’s instrumental prowess, and enjoy spectacular drone footage of the band jamming on windswept clifftops along the way. You can download a copy of “Dark Matter” for free via the Bandcamp link below. Plus, Into Orbit’s first album, 2014’s Caverns, was a very impressive debut as well, and it’s also available on Bandcamp for a name your price fee. You can find the original Six Noises review of Caverns right here.