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Six Noises: 2009-2016 (Dead as a Dodo)


Six Noises: 2009-2016 (Dead as a Dodo)

My crowdfunding campaign for Six Noises finished today, and although a hefty amount of money was pledged, I didn’t manage to reach my final target. Admittedly, that final target was an ambitious one, given I write about niche music in a tiny country at the end of the world. But hey, you never know until you try, right?

Thanks to some extraordinarily generous pledgers I did manage get 3/4 of the way towards my final target. But I also used a win-or-lose crowdfunding model. So none of the money pledged will be winging my way to upgrade Six Noises.

That means my plans for Six Noises’ transformation are no more. And, unfortunately, with this ol’ blog needing a radical overhaul anyways, I really needed that campaign to succeed in order to keep Six Noises going.

So, sadly (for me, at least), this site is now dead as a dodo. But before I nail the coffin lid shut on Six Noises, I have a few things I want to say.

First, a massive cheers to everyone who supported my crowdfunding campaign. Whether you pledged money, shared my campaign around, or got in touch to lend some encouragement, it was all very much appreciated. From my perspective, all of that goodwill and generosity feels like a victory for underground music, regardless of whether I met my financial target.

Secondly, thanks to everyone who’s supported Six Noises’ mission over the years. I started this site because, although I’ve written for a lot of great websites based overseas, I really wanted to have my own homegrown space to rant and rave about outlier and underground New Zealand bands (and other fringe-dwelling reprobates from around the globe). I always considered it a genuine privilege to write about the music I covered here, and I hope that, somewhere along the way, you discovered some wild or weird music to enjoy via Six Noises’ pages.

Lastly, a huge collective thanks to everyone who’s stopped by Six Noises and indulged my opinions/delusions these past years. To those members of the New Zealand metal, punk and experimental music communities who’ve supported Six Noises –– man, I really can’t thank you enough. Writing this blog would have been a lonely and fruitless endeavour if not for Six Noises’ readers and friends. So thanks a bunch. I had a fucking blast here. And I hope you did too.


– Craig