/ 2016

It Only Gets Worse: Angels


Prolific Dutch musician Maurice de Jong is famed for conjuring nightmarish visions with his black metal/harsh noise project Gnaw Their Tongues. It’s not all dissonant exploits for de Jong though. He also delves into shoegaze, drone, and avant-garde electronics with his other solo and collaborative ventures. But whether he’s making music that’s extreme or ethereal, de jong’s always shown great skill in sculpting sounds that unnerve.

Matt Finney is a US-based troubadour of tragedy whose work also gets under the skin, and his collaborations with de Jong under the It Only Gets Worse banner have burrowed deep into the darkest corners of the mind. On It Only Gets Worse’s brand new album, Angels, Finney’s poetry and de Jong’s music intertwine to construct more uneasy art…

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