Blame Thrower: 63.5

2017 Jun 05, 2017

BT163.5 is the latest breakneck release from Auckland, New Zealand garage punk two-piece Blame Thrower. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rohan Evans at The Wine Cellar, 63.5’s four turbocharged tracks hurtle along as Ciara (drums and vocals) and Luke (guitar and vocals) intertwine their voices and throw out ragged power-pop hooks. The duo don’t waste any time overthinking things on 63.5. In fact, it sounds like they’re having a fucking whale of a time, all of the time, tearing through their whirlwind tracks.

Plenty of great homegrown garage punk bands have hit NZ stages over the years. Even a small selection of current groups highlights the diversity of local bands under that ‘garage’ umbrella: see Raw Nerves, The Cavemen (now UK-based), Unsanitary Napkin, Tigers of the Sea, or the roster of a label like Stink Magnetic.

Blame Thrower’s sound doesn’t have a surf punk twang or rockabilly rumble. They deal in short, sharp and ass-kicking punk –– the kind that resides in that raw (and roaring) Ramones-meets-Dead Moon nexus. The kind of punk that’s gut-felt –– and even a little abrasive. And that’s exactly what you’ll find on 63.5’s tracks “The Lotto”, “Blackout”, “Pest” and “Nauseating”.


Blame Thrower note their songs are about “our collective hopes and dreams”, aka “playing sweet garage-punk tunes, partying, drinking beer, and chewing the fat over a good philosophical debate”. No question, 63.5 would be perfect for listening to whilst sinking brews with your pals, and putting the world to rights. But then, a few hours later, it’d also be great for blasting at full volume, when the noise police arrive.

Blame Thrower released a split cassette with fellow Auckland punk band Markdown earlier in the year, but 63.5 sounds even better. Sure, 63.5 is over and done in less time than it takes to boil an egg. But, really, that’s what the repeat button was made for.

Punchy, grunty, propulsive and greasy: 63.5 is rip-snortin’ fun.

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