Crusty Culprits: #3, #4, #5, #6

Crust Nov 30, 2016

Did I mention I write a semi-regular punk rock column over on Canadian noisy music website Hellbound? My Crusty Culprits column features recent D-beat, crust and hardcore releases that I’ve been enjoying, and Hellbound recently published the third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns in the series. If käng, D-Takt and råpunk is your thing, you might want to check Crusty Culprits out. Here’s a few links to help you do that.

Crusty Culprits #3: Featuring Victims, Nomads, Storm of Sedition, Polis-Äckel, Kriegshög and more. 

Crusty Culprits #4: Featuring Okus, Dödläge, Vaaska, Warthog, Crown Court and more. 

Crusty Culprits #5: Featuring Ruidosa Inmundicia, Sarabante, Pollen, Piss, Fragment and more. 

Crusty Culprits #6: Featuring Anxiety, Ohyda, Semi, Instinto and more.

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