Device—Enemy Blood (Single)

Canada Jun 09, 2012

Device—Enemy Blood (Single)

A couple of days back, on the rather fitting 6/6, Vancouver, Canada based four-piece Device released their debut single, “Enemy Blood”. Within their ranks lurks one of my colleagues—drummer and self-confessed “vehement metallist” and “burly henchman” Kyle Harcott. Now, obviously you’d be excused for questioning my impartially when reviewing the band’s work. Fair enough too.

However, “Enemy Blood” is**2.44 minutes of classic, cutthroat metal, so there’s absolutely no need for me to indulge in any overly generous embellishments—and hell, even if I did, what’s the point in digging metal if you can’t rave about your pals’ band anyway? Isn’t that what metal’s all about—community, shout-outs to the brethren, and giving yourself a nagging neck injury after banging your head in support of some killer tunes? It should be, because that’s exactly the kind of old-school vibe that circles the steely-eyed metal of Device.

Forget all that post-this, avant-that guff. What you’ll find on “Enemy Blood” is the rough-hewn fettle of Judas Priest, NWOBHM and classic North American metal scrapping it out in a rubbish-strewn back alley with speed metal’s forbears (while Accept and Mercyful Fate cheer on the ensuing carnage). Think *British Steel and Lightening to the Nation *pulling a rusty blade on Heavy Metal Manic and Kill ’em All while Don’t Break the Oath and Balls to the Wall cackle with glee in the background.

You get the point. Device take the quintessential, fist-pumping, chest-beating, double-headed-axe-wielding route. Raw, ragged and oozing with vintage six-string pride, “Enemy Blood” kicks off with a Budgie-worthy riff, LeBlanc gets all Cimmerian and bloodthirsty with his soaring Halford howls, while the band deliver the butchering blows. Guitarists Lloyd Agar and Dennis Marinos bring gritty and greasy riffs, hearkening back to the glory years of Downing and Tipton, Smith and Murray, and Hetfield and Hammett. There’s a deft multipart solo from Marinos midway through, and the aforementioned “henchman” pounds out the propulsive meter with abandon.

All up, a damn impressive first charge at the ramparts. I’m definitely looking forward to see what Device have got in store for their next assault.

Device Homepage

Postscript: The one thing you may note as you download “Enemy Blood” is that the song lacks cover art. That could be a problem for you if you’re an aficionado of metal artwork (or you’re just a bit anal about how your iTunes looks). Have no fear. I know that Kyle and the lads will be stoked that I’ve provided my own personally designed artwork—no really, it was my pleasure. You’ll note it has everything you’ll need on a metal cover—a Viking (obviously) and a shark (because you can never have too many sharks on album covers, plus it may lure Ahab followers in). Also, at no extra cost, I have redesigned the band’s logo to incorporate an umlaut and blood trails. Please note, any other bands interested in artwork, feel free to contact me, but be aware that from now on I imagine I will be Device’s very own Derek Riggs.

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