Dry Insides: Deformity

Dry Insides Mar 06, 2018

dry-insides-deformity-2There’s something to be said for music that sounds like it was recorded inside the rotting asshole of weeks-old roadkill. Although, obviously, what is said about that kind of decomposing noise depends on how much you enjoy the dankest and rankest recesses of the audio spectrum. Personally, I’m all in favor of music that grows ever more corrosive or septic with every passing second, and if you’re also a fan of über-caustic bands then the red-raw primitivism of Dry Insides might tickle your receptors too...

...click right here if you'd like to read the rest of my review of the latest EP from black metal/hardcore/noise rock band Dry Insides. Huge thanks to the folks over at Last Rites for publishing my ramblings.

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