Exordium Mors: "Torn Asunder"

Black Metal Nov 10, 2017
Exordium Mors, New Zealand's most vicious and visceral black/thrash metal band, debuted a brand new track,"Torn Asunder", during their recent set supporting Kreator in Auckland. The video above captures the band tearing through the track live and in the raw, and "Torn Asunder" is set to appear on Exordium Mors' upcoming new album due for release via label Transcending Obscurity next year. The video above also serves as a precursor to regular filmed updates of writing and recording sessions leading up to the release of the band's long-awaited second full-length.

"Torn Asunder" is another merciless, hell-hammering hymn, jam-packed with Exordium Mors' intricate yet volatile shredding. The band inject plenty of venom and spite into the track, ensuring "Torn Asunder" is a violent thrash inferno throughout. It's all a powerful reminder that it's been far too long since we've heard pulverizing new material from Exordium Mors. The band’s new album can't arrive soon enough.

See below for Exordium Mors' blistering 2014 album, The Apotheosis of Death. Exordium Mors
Transcending Obscurity

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