Fuckalt: Archeology Vol​.​1: Dust & I Spent So Long Trying to Kill Myself...

2017 May 27, 2017

Fuc1I’ve posted before about the ambient sound experiments of Dunedin, New Zealand artist Fuckalt (aka musician Karl Leisky). Fuckalt’s six-track debut, Sine Works Vol.1: Organics, was a deep dive into ultra-minimalist waters, and the microtonal manipulator’s latest Bandcamp releases, Archeology Vol.1: Dust and I Spent So Long Trying to Kill Myself but Now It’s Time for Something New, also feature blissful electronics with a side-helping of subliminal anxiety.

I Spent So Long Trying to Kill Myself… features 13 tracks, and Archeology Vol.1: Dust collects six meditative tunes. Both comprise fragile songs, formed from barest elemental frequencies, as well as fuller and more instrumentally robust tracks. Both releases feature sonic strands that are simultaneously gorgeous and disconcerting as well. And songs slowly evolve and unfurl with the influence of more acutely experimental electronics rising to the surface throughout.

Subtle oscillations set the scene on both Archeology Vol.1: Dust and I Spent So Long Trying to Kill Myself… but some tracks feature samples mixed with Leyland Kirby-like deconstructions rather than showcasing super-sparse soundspheres. In some ways, it’s difficult to unpack the bulk of Fuckalt’s music, because it almost feels like exposing it to light will take away its magic — or collapse its gossamer structure.

Certainly, the delicate frequencies and tones that Fuckalt uses are best experienced than read about. Suffice to say, if you’re a fan of hypnotic textures, atmospherics, and sub-sonic choreographing, then I’d wholeheartedly recommend the spellbinding I Spent So Long Trying to Kill Myself… and Archeology Vol.1: Dust.

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