Full Noise: 2018

Punk Rock Mar 06, 2018

fullnoiseA few days ago, a horde of punk, hardcore, and otherwise crusty noise-makers descended on the Grey Lynn Library Hall in Auckland, New Zealand, for Full Noise 2018. The festival was organised by the Worn Out crew and featured the scum de la scum of NZ punk – including the likes of Spiteful Urinator, Feral Blood, Corpse Rat, Rogernomix, Stress Ghetto, Sick Old Man, the Contenders and many more. I don't live in Auckland, so I didn't attend Full Noise (and even if I did live in AK, I'm now so old 'n' scungy I just look super-creepy attending any show). Luckily, though, I haven't missed out entirely.

Sick Old Man guitarist Andy Young (with a little help from Razored Raw's Matai Szwed) filmed the bands that played Full Noise 2018 and he's been uploading their sets onto his YouTube channel. Young's channel also features stacks of other live shows from NZ hardcore, punk, metal, noise and powerviolence bands. I've dropped a few of the sets from Full Noise in below – just for a taster, eh. You should absolutely head over to Young's YouTube channel to view the rest, and don't forget to also click subscribe while you're there.

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