Les Underdogs De Grunge

Grunge Jun 15, 2018

Grunge-1Decades on from its heyday, grunge still evokes cringe-worthy memories. Even a whiff of the genre makes some people gag, and that’s understandable given that many of grunge’s lumberjack balladeers feigned their tortured genius in unquestionably awkward and embarrassing ways. All the goodwill in the world can’t disguise that grunge’s commercial success also meant a legion of abysmal bands ruined the genre’s credibility. And yeah, I just said credibility...

If you'd like to (a) read more of my musings on grunge, and (b) check out a host of great bands that never made it into the big leagues, then (c) click on through to the loud and proud pages of Last Rites.

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