New Zealand Music Month: Nick Keller

May 29, 2015


Nick Keller

I’m taking a brief detour from highlighting a band for this New Zealand Music Month post to shine a light on the artwork of Nick Keller, from Wellington, New Zealand. In July, Keller’s holding the first solo exhibition of the artwork he’s been creating for local and international metal bands. That’s going to be a fantastic opportunity to see some of the most incredible sci-fi and fantasy cover art ever created on New Zealand’s shores; Keller’s artwork looks amazing up close, on a large canvas.

Keller is a senior concept designer at Weta Workshop, having worked on films such as Avatar and *The Hobbit trilogy. *Keller’s worked with homegrown bands like Beastwars, Exordium Mors, Bulletbelt, Dawn of Azazel, Razorwyre, and Heresiarch, as well as overseas artists like Disentomb and Vomitous. I’ve dropped in a few of his album covers below, but for a far more comprehensive and impressive look over Keller’s artistic resume, check out his website.

Keller’s exhibition is being held at Wellington’s Thistle Hall, from 13 July to 19 July, and entry is free.







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