Sol Mortvvs: Sol I, II, III

2017 May 26, 2017

sol1If you can make it through the 22 minutes of nerve-stabbing frequency manipulations on Sol Mortvvs’ Sol III, then other two recordings in the one-man sonic sorcerer’s Sol series will be a breeze.

Well, maybe not a breeze. That’s not fair on all the effort Sol Mortvvs clearly puts in to making harsh and discomforting music. Even experienced noise-ingesters might find some of Sol Mortvvs’ ear-splitting electronic distortions unpleasant, which is obviously the point.

Sol I, II, and III all feature music that’s akin to a dentist’s drill, an air-raid siren, and a giant wall of concussive noise combined. (It’s all an “Occvlt Symphonic Apocalypse”, according to Sol Mortvvs.) What that means, in real terms, is that power electronics, drone, dark ambient and experimental noise all play a role in Sol Mortvvs’ belligerent tonal pursuits. It’s broad spectrum, spine-chilling noise — sometimes isolated and linear, other times chaotic and abrasive — and Sol I, II, and III feature dissonant passages that’ll corrode your neurons.

Sol I, II, and III are recommended if you’re a fan of the force-fed feedback and aggressive sound experiments of groups like Theologian, Sunn O))), Pharmakon, Gnaw Their Tongues, Puce Mary, Sutekh Hexen, and drone and noise makers of their ilk.

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