Sunn O)))- Black One

avant-garde Jul 18, 2011

Sunn O))) – Black One

(2005 – Southern Lord)

There are only two things that really unnerve me. One of them is this album. The other is when I walk into my son’s room and find him sitting on his bed alone whispering under his breath. It fucking creeps me out, I get the vague feeling he’s planning my demise. So yes, Black One is frightening, although perhaps ominous is a more apt description. It hints at something very very bad lurking under the bed (this could be my son again, with a knife) but it also might be explained by the fact that Sunn O))) locked vocalist Malefic in a coffin to record his vocals. Channelling the doom of Sabbath via the fuzz of Burzum and throwing in some of the most sickening bleak drone you can possibly stomach this is the only album I own which has reduced one of my friends to tears. Although, in fairness to Sunn O))) she also cried hysterically watching my son’s school play so maybe there was something going on for her that I really should have asked about. The band’s precept has always been ‘maximum volume yields maximum results’ and I’d suggest you follow those instructions to the letter. Do not, for any reason, exceed the recommended dose.

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